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Book Overview

coverA problem plaguing many schools today is how to deal with students who have discipline issues. Helping Students Eliminate Inappropriate School Behavior helps these students eliminate inappropriate school behavior through a group activities program. These activities have been researched by the author and found effective in helping students improve their school behavior.

This book contains a series of twenty-one group exercises that can be used by a teacher or counselor with students in a school classroom or other group setting. The purpose of these activities is to help students learn techniques to improve their school behavior.

The problem of schools having to deal with disruptive students is nothing new in education. How the problem is dealt with has varied over the years. The exercises presented in this text are centered on dealing with students’ behavior as a consequence of alienation and discontent with school for various reasons. The exercises in this guide were used by the author as part of his doctoral dissertation research and found to be effective in helping disruptive students change their behavior for the better. The activities presented are for teachers and counselors to use as they see fit to help with specific behavior problems they are facing.

In addition, some or all of these activities can be used by any appropriate group that wants to improve its skills in any of the following areas; communication, group cooperation and feedback, conflict resolution, and problems solving.